SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Wow, Great Site! Shame nobody can find it!

Search Engine Optimisation is the product of your website's copy and code, combined with website verification techniques that guide Search Engines on how to list your website upon the Internet.

Without effective search engine optimisation a website can be impossible to find on the internet, making it virtually worthless. In highly competitive internet based industries, search engine optimisation can require more research, design time and cost than the design of your website! If your company is great enough to have the potential to generate thousands of pounds from your website, we’ll ensure your customers can actually find it. Search engine optimisation is an essential marketing tool for your business!

At Criativo we'll build your site with coding, wording, linking and meta tags to guarantee best ranking in free engines and essential paid listings. Our search engine optimisation (SEO) solution is industry leading. We have seen what happens to websites when they are launched and we know what makes websites attractive to search engines. For a determinable ongoing management fee, we can monitor and update your website to maintain/improve its ranking ... monthly, weekly or even daily.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) at Criativo is a two part process.

During Development: websites can no longer rely on keyword and related description embedding. In fact, some analysis of Google has recently indicated that 'keyword' meta tags can carry very low importance and may now be ignored in some instances. The first part of our website optimisation process involves the formulation of hierarchical and topical information pathways. These information pathways influence the layout and positioning of content on a webpage. Table-less layouts involving emerging XHTML/CSS techniques lead to higher key phrase density/importance and higher rankings.

Post Development: We no longer register client sites with search engines via traditional means. One could wait months to appear. Instead, sitemap registrations and external link building quickly alerts a major search engine to a websites presence. Keyword popularity statistics are used as a guide in determining target key phrases. We map key phrases to website pages and organically build inbound links to drive up importance. Traffic rises and as a websites importance grows, internal link building distributes the importance to all areas of the website.

The end result is a highly-trafficked site generating high rates of enquiry that significantly contributes to your business growth. Banner exchanges and cost-per-click advertising models do not always provide a cost effective means of generating enquiry and online interest and Such techniques should only be called upon where immediate new product awareness is required. Criativo search engine optimisation service model is capable of delivering far more successful, timely and long reaching results than banner ads and paid links.

All the above may be too much to take on or too complicated to comprehend. Don’t be intimidated. Simply pick up the phone and call us. We’ll be more than happy to get you a free consultation on an online marketing campaign for your existing website - or on a new website we design for you.

SEO Case Study - Braywhite

Braywhite Air Conditioning


Status: Page 1 of Google achieved

Keywords: Air Conditioning, Air Conditioning Birmingham, Commercial Air Conditioning, Residential Air Conditioning Birmingham

What We Did:
In addition to the redesign and rebuild of the website we also optimised and rewrote all of the content on the website. Using our in-house copywriter we worked with Braywhite to reword all of the content on the website to make it more search engine friendly. We then submitted the site to all the major search engines, added a spider friendly sitemap and listed the site on relevant UK directories.

Results: 25% increase in website visitors

SEO Case Study - Applause Store

Applause Store


Status: Page 1 and position 1 of Google achieved

Keywords: Audience Tickets

What We Did:
After rebuilding the entire site into web compliant code we embarked on an extensive optimisation process. In addition to properly formatted meta tags and content we also set up an email marketing campaign to drive traffic to the website and increase its visibility.

Results: 400,000+ visitors a month

SEO Case Study - Laila

Lailas Bridal Hair and Makeup


Status: Page 1 of Google achieved

Keywords: Asian Bridal Makeup

What We Did:
They say content is king but weve shown with this simple 4 page website that its not always true. 4 pages of properly optimised, well written and submitted pages can often rank higher than sites with twice as many pages.

Results: Expanding client list and growing reputation

SEO Case Study - KitchenLAB

Kitchen Labs


Status: Page 1 of Google achieved

Keywords: Luxury Kitchens Birmingham, Handmade Luxury Kitchens

What We Did:
KitchenLAB originally wasnted just a flash website but were made aware of the consequences of this on their search engine rankings. A second pure html website was produced along with the flash website which is now ranking well for all their primary keywords.

Results: Growing number of visitors and high profile celebrity chef clients.

SEO Case Study - Hyland Hypnotherapy

Hyland Hypnotherapy


Status: Page 1 and position 2 of Google achieved

Keywords: Hypnotherapy Knutsford, Weight Loss Knutsford, Quit Smoking Knutsford

What We Did:
We were approached by the owner of Hylands Hypnotherapy when her new site failed to be picked up by the search engines. Upon investigation it was found that the site had been badly built which was affecting its search engine placement. A quick rebuild later using W3C standards and a full optimisation and the site now ranks highly for all the target keywords.

Results: 175% increase in visitors and top 1 and 2 rankings on Google.

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